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Do you need to get your house on the market fast? Do you need to neutralize those bright, bold colours for a quick sale? Or are you looking for a change with a fresh coat of colour? Well you've come to the right place! We offer a painting service that provides efficient and reliable work. We guarantee the job is done right the first time and with the best quality possible. We'll leave you so pleased with the great work we do on your first home, you'll want us back to work on your second one.

We are a team based out of Port Perry, ON. and service the surrounding areas such as Uxbridge, Port Perry, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, and most of Durham Region.

Free Quotes

At Second Coat Painting we offer free quotes. This allows for us to meet you and have a chance to discuss the work you are wanting done. We can then ensure your vision is fully understood for the paint colour as well as for the room. Clients often have colours in mind, but are sometimes uncertain if it’s the right choice. Our painters are here to help by suggesting colours we have seen trending. Our suggestions can match well with your vision and open your mind to similar ideas for colour choices as well as provide you with any clarification needed. An example could be taking a favourite chair and making it a bold focal point in the room, or have the wall colour complement it nicely.

At Second Coat Painting we keep up to date on studies and the science behind the colours and paints. This ensures we have the most current information and best service to provide to you. Did you know that a paint colour can positively impact many different aspects of your life such as helping to improve your health and mood, or even reducing stress. Why consider painting your office blue? The colour blue is said to make people feel and even be more productive. What about the colour green for a bedroom? It's may not me many people's first choice, but it can be a very calming colour and helps in relaxation and even relieves stress. For whatever mood or feeling you would like to create in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home, we can point out the colours that will give you the best opportunity to create that atmosphere.

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Second Coat Painting

A nice bright bold red really helps make this hallway pop

 Bright Hallway

A beautiful bright red really helped open this hallway up and make it POP!

large family room painted orange. seems like a different colour but should help bring up the energy level

Family Room

An orange family room. This fresh colour could help to increase the energy level for gatherings with friends and family or simply just a relaxing afternoon in. 

Fresh coat a paint on the walls and new cabinets in the laundry might make you want to do some

Laundry Room

A Fresh new look in the laundry may leave you actually enjoying the task.